Wound Care and Laceration

Acute Medical Conditions

Wound Care and Laceration generally develop suddenly and last only a few days. While some can evolve into a more persistent disease, most are self-resolving (the body overcomes the condition). Some resolve much faster when speedy medical care is provided. Some others require urgent hospitalization and possibly surgery.


Our goal is to prevent you for going to the Emergency Room and hospital unless of course, it is absolutely necessary. We can provide same day appointments in most cases for acute medical conditions that do not need hospitalizations or Emergency Room visits. Thus, you are spared a time and energy consuming, anxiety inducing and costly trip to the Emergency Room. Some acute medical conditions that we treat are:



  • Wounds and Cuts including those that require sutures and dressings
  • Some types of fractures
  • Boils and abscess including Drainage and packing
  • Colds, allergies and Sore throat including Strep and Mono
  • Pneumonia and Bronchitis
  • Flares of Asthma and COPD including nebulizers
  • Acute aches and pain such as Migraine attacks, Belly pains, Joint pains etc.
  • Acute gout attacks
  • Joint and Bursa aspirations and injections


We will appropriately help you decide if your acute condition can be treated without going to the Emergency Room or Hospital.